Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lost: Week 1

I've never seen the show Lost, so none of my characters will remind you of any actually on the show. I get to have complete freedom here with no predisposed ideas. So if you've seen the show, please bear with me.

The survivors finally find a decent spot that will suit their basic needs while offering a bit of protection at the same time.

Scavenging through the debris, they manage to find the plane's toilet and erect somewhat of a privacy barrier.

Immediately, the majority of the survivors start trying to catch their dinner. There is food from the Dharma drop, but unfortunately most had been lost.
While the rest of the group continues to scavenge, Sun starts cooking up what she can manage to save from the Dharma drop.

There is an old fridge, a counter and a grill that the group dug out of the wreakage. Enough to be able to cook and save meals with.

Another barrier gets erected and a "satallite phone" is found. It seems to still work, well somewhat. They haven't actually been able to contact anyone with it yet.

Hurley pauses in his search for food to catch some fireflies. Without electricity and the unavailablity of candles for the moment, they have to do what they can to light their refuge.

He catches enough to light the kitchen area.

Jack gets the hang of fishing really quickly and starts bringing in some big ones.

Another jar to light the toilet.

And yet another.

The group catches quite a few big fish. So many in fact, they're able to stop fishing and scavenge the wreakage a little more.

More barriers are built.

And a firefly lit shower is rigged up.

Jack, you managed to figure out your job placement, we'll let you go first. *Editor's note: He's the ONLY one whose career was available.*

Trying to get in a good mood before heading off to do his duty, he tries workin' up on Kate a bit. She's not too responsive.

Tickling works slightly.

She tells him how much she appreciates his fishing skill.

Without a bed, the survivors sleep where they can.

Jack decides to see if Sun is any more responsive. Looks like this one may work. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much to improve his mood.

And already his position calls.

Tuesday morning (I missed 6 am by an hour, oops) and the Others come. Who will be the first to be taken?


It starts raining pretty good and lightning strikes. A tree catches on fire.

Before they can react, the fridge is struck as well.

After the fire is extingished, Sawyer, Locke and Sun collapse.

Jack, back from his job, can't deal with the thought that they almost lost the fridge.

Kate does a little entertaining in her nightie to try and bring up her fun level. Romance sims, what can I say?

More fishing and more "time to scavenge".

Beds are found allowing a little more comfort for the group.

A lounge chair is brought back.

*I screwed up here a bit: I thought the next Others visit was on Thursday and I checked points. After reading the rules again, I realized my mistake and skipped the Friday visit.*
Sun is taken by the others.

A dartboard is collected!

Charlie manages to catch a HUGE catfish. His luck continues as he finds a job.

It's okay Sawyer, you'll have time to catch up.

Another bed is found *thanks in part to Charlie's fish*.

Along with a bookcase and sofa.

Later, an easel is discovered.

And a few more beds.

Sawyer loses it.

Jack finally gets Kate to warm up to him. He managed to find both her and Locke jobs.

Okay, she really warms up to him.

Sunday morning, The Others come again. This time taking Sawyer.

More scavenging and enough wood is found to build a small shelter for the double bed.

Charlie caught a Golden Trout. For now it's mounted on the shelter, but since it's worth $518 it could be removed at any time. Let's just call this the emergency fund.

The things they put in the bellies of those planes!

Finally another counter and small dining set is found.

A sink and more barriers.

*This picture really has nothing to do with the challenge. I just loved the way the mist rolled off the water with the palm trees surrounding it. I feel very much at home. Waves from Florida.*

Stayed tuned for the next Episode where the first Rescue will be attempted.


Rubywyld said...

Great Start Trudy! Cute lot setup, I love the mounted fish on your shelter. And I missed the 6am call myself most of the just get so caught up then it's like 'Oh my it's 10am!' , LOL.

Twoyys4me said...

Great start, and everyone still alive after all those storms.
Love that last pic- looks very tropical. :)

Shaunna said...

This is FABULOUS Trudy! For not watching the show you suly have the right idea. The story is hilarious so far...tho my love Sayid was the first taken *sniffle*. And I love your lot! Keep up the great work and can't wait for the second instalment.

ruby said...

Great job! I never knew that abot a gold fish! I'm gonna have to look through everyone's backpack now... how cool, love that its the emergency fund!

Rachel said...

Great start Trudy! I love all the bamboo, it's very islandy. I loved the picture of everyone passed out and when the fridge was struct by lightning, oh my goodness! Then everyone went into aspiration failure! Why didn't these fun things happen to me? Yeah I probably confused you on the day the Others came, I was going to do Thursday but changed it to Friday, but forgot and played mine as Thursday or played it Friday and wrote it Thursday. At any rate it was me that confused you.

javajan32 said...

I love your lot, very pretty. Great story. The emergency fun was great. Cute little circle pool. I never thought to try that, great idea.

Lydia said...

Well said.